My First Insta-Album

I finally finished my first Insta-Album. I was super excited when HC came out with it on Black Friday (2018), but unfortunately had other pressing obligations (like Christmas! hello!) and so I didn’t really get to dive into it until late January. I’ve had a lot of fun figuring out where everything should go, and using the new mini-pocket dies that really dress up the album.

I also had quite a bit of fun making the flowers, and I wanted to do the album paper justice, since there really isn’t any room to put dimensional flowers inside the album, the outside is all I had to work with.

Here are a couple of pictures of my flowers:

These are just simple little pre-made flowers you can get at any craft store, which were happily, near the exact size of the roses on the paper. The little white blossom are simply punched flowers with a single prill for their centers.

Now these flowers are all hand made, and we used some glossy accents on them as well. The rose buds on the top left are wired with florist tape holding the paper, and acting a bit like the base of the flower.

Here’s the whole thing. I think it turned out rather pretty!

If you’re interested in the inside, check out the YouTube video here: