Mini-Album Madness

I’ve been busy. Really busy! My work as a Nurse Practitioner takes me an hour from home – in order to get my workouts in (for one of my other passions: swimming) I have to get up at 4:45 am, and I sometimes don’t get home until 7pm, and so I’m kinda tired, and not really able to do much more than vegetate on the couch. Add in Thanksgiving, Christmas, eight grandchildren, and just, well, life, and I’m a little behind.

I haven’t done much with cakes, but I will, not this week, but next week, as I am currently finishing a not-so-mini album right now. (I only have about 75 more photo mats to cut and create.). So, I thought I would jump back into the blogging world, and show you a mini I made last year, I’m only about 6 behind, as far as sharing goes. For this album, I used the Wildwood Cottage paper from Heartfelt Creations, as well as the flip fold album they offer. I gifted this to my grand daughter last year, and hopefully she enjoys it.

And you can watch a video of the whole album here:

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