Gumpaste Roses

When I decided to get back in to cake decorating last July, I decided to expand on my skills as well.  I felt pretty confident about making roses – but I was frustrated that I hadn’t learned how to make an “open” rose – or even a large rose.  So I spent some time searching the internet (yeah Pinterest!) for tutorials, and got a couple of new toys (bigger cutters, bigger veiners – that sort of thing) and went to work.  I didn’t do so well the first few times, as old habits are very hard to break, but I think I have the knack of it now – at least for the roses.

Thanks to very helpful bloggers and YouTube videos, I feel confident enough about my open roses to even make my OWN tutorial. Not that I will, but I might include a few photos showing the steps I go through,utilizing all the techniques I’ve incorporated plus my personal twist on how to make things work.

From Kara Andretta, I’ve learned to use a lighter weight base for my roses.  I was weirded out, at first, by the idea of having a non-edible base or center, but then, seriously, who is eating these anyway?  I will simply inform the recipient of my cake gifts that the centers are inedible, much like the stamens and wires. Problem solved.

So, based on Kara’s instructions, I got 24 rose bases from one bag of modeling paste. If you want  ONLY large roses, that’s fine, but I actually prefer multiple sizes, so shape accordingly, and seal away your extras until needed in a ziplock bag.

Then, I made my rose.  Kara from “I scream for buttercream” gave a great idea for helping the rose dry the way you want it to, by have a support of some paper towels and foam to rest the flower on.

I’m impressed with myself.

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