Scrapbook Layouts

I don’t generally do dimensional layouts, as I tuck my scrapbook pages in a book, and all the flowers etc would get crushed….so why bother?

But I had a mind to create something with a couple of really great photos, and actually mount them on the wall, so I got to making flowers, and this is what I came up with.

That cute little girl is much much older now, but these are two of my favorite pictures of her.

And this beauty is now my daughter-in-law! It was lucky that both of these photos had a purple/pink element going on, so I was able to mass produce some kinds of the little flowers

Enjoy! Hope you’re inspired to make one of your own!!

Climbing Clematis Mixed Media Tag

This was a fun little project using Heartfelt Creations Climbing Clematis paper (and stamps and dies for the flowers), a few cute little charms that I got from some vendor as a freebie months ago, flat back pearls that insist on being crooked!, some old lace and polka-dot ribbon.

The upper right corner has some sparkly corrugated paper that I don’t even remember when I got it – I do remember that one of my daughters gave it to me, but it is ancient – I rubbed it with a bit of brown ink to make it blend with the paper a little more, and tore the bottom at an angle.

The clematis were crafted by moi, using HFC Climbing Clematis stamps and dies, and yellow stamens – the I used Purple and Cactus Flower archival ink to make these, and Fern Green for the leaves.

Here is the inside of the tag – its really more like a card, isn’t it? On the right hand side, I used a stencil and ink to embellish the paper, and cut the arch of flowers for the top and the little birds and birdhouse were die cut from the paper pack, and I added some glossy accents to them for shine – the sentiment, in case the glare from the light is too much reads: All things grow with love – I cut out the cute little stamps from the paper pack for the left side of the tag, and I have an old die cut (probably a generic/no-name brand) of the heart for the top. There is a thin magnetic closure under the papers, so it seems more of a tag at first glance.

I thought it was all rather cute – hope you do too!

Throwback Thursday

I made these cards quite a while ago, but for some reason never posted them here.

They are really sort of gift cards, and a unique element is the hangar on top, which allows the recipient to display it on a knob – like I have here in my kitchen.

The pink one is just a single sheet of paper decorated on both sides, the purple is an actual card, and even has a thin magnetic closure, which was required because of the heaviness of the back (see below).

It’s the chocolate bars, frankly, but maybe also because these are sorta “stuffed” with tags and mini-booklets!

Personally I think they are adorable, but then, I’ll admit, I’m kind of biased!

Thanks for stopping by!

Fairies Fairies Fairies!

Last one I swear – just kidding, I have a whole pack of G45’s Fairy Wings paper that my sweetie gave me for Christmas, and I plan on using every last sheet of it, one way or another!!

This is another combination of G45 products and Heartfelt Creations – by this time, you have already figured out the HFC flower dies are what I use almost exclusively for my flowers, and these are the Sweet Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms. The other HFC element is the light blue circle around the fairies – it is actually the “waste” from one of the Centerpiece dies – which I cut out of heavy white cardstock, AND some shiny blue paper to give dimension to it, and frame the fairies.

Just a close up of the fairies and flowers.

Aaaand the inside. G45 often will have a “collectors pack” or “deluxe pack” with their papers that includes bonus stickers which are fun little things – sometimes I pop them up on some chip board for dimension, sometimes not.

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Fairy Wings Shaker Card/Folio

I’m in love with Graphic 45’s Fairies – whether its the Fairy Dust or Fairy Wings paper, they are both just adorable. This card is really sort of like a folio/gift card, as you will see – the inside has a pocket that has goodies inside. This is another card I may enter into a DT contest.

The flowers were made using fomiron (thin thin foam sheets) and Heartfelt Creations Sweet Magnolia (small) dies, and the medium Cherry Blossom dies – then I hit them with just a touch of heat from the heat gun (low heat) to get things to curl just so.

The sprinkles were from “Buttons Galore” – its a cool little shop that tells you how many spoonfuls of each different kind of sprinkle you will get in your package, and they have lots of variety!

I made the shaker element by hand – somewhat trickier than the premade kits – I had a couple of heart shaped dies, clear cardstock, and about 1/4″ wide strips of sticky foam to lift it up. All this stuff was in my “stash” – the sprinkles, the foam, the ribbon – its amazing how well it all came together. The ribbon was from Hobby Lobby, I think.

Isn’t this just precious? The colors go so well together!

Here’s the inside there’s a little booklet, a tag or two, and a treat!

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Playing Around with Christmas Gifts

I was gifted with Graphic 45’s Fairy Wings paper, and two cute “Centerpiece” dies from Heartfelt Creations for Christmas this year – just had to have a go!

This first one actually has some paper from Fairy Dust, but he image is from the Fairy Wings. That white lacy piece is one of he dies from HFC. Flowers are by “moi” – lovingly hand shaped using HFC wild rose dies, and small clematis dies.

Here’s the inside.

This next card is 99% Heartfelt Creations, using their Peonies paper collection. I just had to add a bow, lol! Very very similar, but sometimes to post on certain FB pages, 90% of the project has to be using their products.

Here’s the inside.
Isn’t she a beauty? I really like how the color turned out on this rose.

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Rustic Sunflowers the Easy Way

This beautiful card was created using what one might call “minimal skill level” – of course it does help to have purchased the divine dies from Heartfelt Creations, but then, all one must do, is locate the flowers in the paper pad, cut, and gently curl the petals, then glue into place! No stamping, ink or coloring required – perfect every time!

I’m truly in love with the Arched Gateway dies, and I just felt like kraft (brown) cardstock went so well with the Fall theme. And bows! Gotta have me a pretty bow in the corner, almost every time!

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Rustic Sunflowers (and Daisies)

A beautiful way to celebrate the fall, yellow, blue, and white, with some greenery mixed in!
This card was super simple, just make a couple of lacey borders with the …………die, cut and color your sunflowers and daisies (I actually used the Wild Aster die to make my daisies), add some leaves and glue them on! Presto, a beautiful card that is sure to impress.

Another sure winner from the Heartfelt Creations artists!

Keto Sweet Potato Souffle

Disclaimer – one photo is missing at this point, being Christmas Eve, we haven’t yet served ourselves, although I have made it several times, and this is a BIGGG favorite in our family, especially amongst the grandkids (or course – they have the sweet tooth!)
I thought to myself a few years ago, that these grandchildren of mine (and my son-in-law) could all benefit from a Keto version of what has been a family favorite for years, but I have felt like I couldn’t personally enjoy this dish, because, as you all know, if you go off Keto for only one day, it takes three very hard days to get your mouth (and sweet tooth) back to not craving sugar and very sweet foods.
Christmas has long been a trial to me, in this way. I no longer enjoy the traditional pies either. But this was an easy one to modify to keto, and that is why I’m posting it a bit early. I’ll add that last photo a bit later!

To start with, collect your potatoes, pecans, and Lakanto Monk Fruit – you will need both the Classic and Golden varieties. You will also need almond flour and/or King Arthur Unbleached flour, and some eggs.

You will need:
3 cups cooked & drained sweet potatoes
1 cup Lakanto (classic) Monk Fruit
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 Tbsp margarine
1/2 tsp salt
Blend these ingredients in a large bowl until smooth.
Pour into a greased 9″ x 15″ baking dish.
Cover with topping:
4 Tbsp softened margarine
1 cup Lakanto Golden or Brown Monk Fruit
1/2 cup of (I use a blend) almond flour or King Arthurs unbleached flour
1 cup chopped pecans (add last, after blending the three above ingredients)
Blend together the margarine, monk fruit and flour with a fork, until you have fine crumbs – mix in the pecans pieces – and then spread over the potatoes.
Bake 30 minutes at 350° F or 20 minutes on high in the microwave.


Thanks for stopping by!! (Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!!)

One Last Christmas Card

Last one this year, I promise! Using G45’s “Christmas Time “ paper, and handmade flowers and a die from Heartfelt Creations.

I know there isn’t a poinsettia here, but the pale pink Magnolias and deep red Rose go together well, I think. Here’s the inside:

Merry Christmas everyone!!