Eating Keto Is So Hard……Not!

Had a sad and melancholy day, and don’t feel much like cooking. Without going into why I’m melancholy, we’ll focus on how I managed to have a nice dinner without really any effort at all.

Open freezer, and what are my choices? We’ve got those frozen Cordon Bleu things, which are ok, but I’m really not in the mood. Some flash frozen chicken tenders, but really, seems like I had chicken for lunch (like every day, but whatever), some of those little stuffed Wontons we found at Costco, and Register sausage.

Sausage it is, warm up in the skillet while I rummage around for something to go with it. We have some left over. Outage cheese from the lasagne I made yesterday, so that’s good. Also some mini apples. And lucky us, the avocados I bought on Friday, are perfect for eating now.

Look how easy that was! Not sure how many carbs are in a teeny tiny apple, but not much! Mission accomplished!

Taco Tuesday (Keto Style)

Obviously, anyone who has been eating Keto for any time at all, knows that there are loads of ways to enjoy your favorite food, with just a little twist. My goals, is to add to your ideas, with things that I’ve tried, and continue to enjoy.

Today, we’re all about Tacos!!

The only thing missing here, are the chips! You can add sour cream, shredded cheese and salsa to your hearts content! We have ground beef, seasoned for tacos, avocado halves, and homemade Pico de Gallo. Delicious and filling, and carb count is near zero! Yum, I’m going back for more!