“Graceful” Pink Florals

A little late this week, meant to post this yesterday! This is a simple card using Mintay’s “Graceful” paper, a couple of pressed wood accents, and of course my favorite Heartfelt Creations handmade flowers, using a peony, some wild roses, and some dark pink blossom. I just love pink!!

The inside has one of the cut aparts from the paper pack – they generally have about 12/page – so cute, I suppose they might even be made into little mini-cards, or even gift tags (Ha! Just thought of that!).

A close up of my flowers, especially the peony & wild roses

Thanks for looking & drop me note sometimes!

Make a Wish! A card in Turquoise

Aqua is one of my favorite colors – and this beautiful paper from Lemon Tree, Forget Me Not just screamed at me to play with it!

This is my first card from this paper, and I had a lot of fun roughing up the edges, and creating some aqua colored wild roses out of fomiron. The gossamer bow isn’t quite the perfect color, but it does seem to bring out the rose centers!

The yellow and blue remind me of Swedens colors (my husband served a mission in Sweden, so I know these things), so perhaps I will save it for him for his birthday…..which is in November!! Probably not! Better come up with a more manly card by then!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Best Wishes Card in Blue

My 2nd or 3rd card from Scrapandme’s lovely Sapphire Days. To be fair, this is modeled after one that Monika Jakubowska did several weeks ago – she used different paper, and colors, but I do have to give her credit for the design.

Once again, using many of my flower (and card) dies from Heartfelt Creations, the light periwinkle blue are made out of Fomiron, but the dark navy blue, and white blossom, are paper.

I did fussy cut the little design inside the card, as well as the sentiment from the paper pack.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and Best Wishes!!

Love is in the (Lacy) Air

I have to give credit where credit is due, this was an idea I stole from a Facebook friend, and then I had to tweak it, and turn it into my own.

She had many many roses on her card, and they must’ve come out smaller than mine, but that’s ok, because I also added a shaker box where the heart is! Cute, huh?!!

Then I had to figure out how to keep it propped up, so I put a couple of pieces of paper in the middle to act as a brace.

This is definitely NOT a card you could mail, lol! It would get totally ruined in a box, or mailbox!

I had a lot of fun with this one, I really need to get off this Valentines kick, but I fear, there is more ahead!!

First Santa Card (ever, for me)!

This is my favorite card so far this Christmas Season. It’s also my very first Santa themed card. This is a retired paper pad from Graphic 45, and unfortunately I could only find one 8” x 8” paper pad.

This involved a lot of “cut and paste” in an attempt to conserve paper. Luckily, I know how to make flowers and bows, so they covered up where some of the paper joins are.

Cute little striped ribbon, purchased locally, it’s wired to help it hold its shape!

So I made 6 little “wild roses” – the white ones, 2 red rosebuds, and then the full rose – all from Heartfelt Creations Classic Rose dies. Didn’t even bother to stamp them, but I did gloss them up a bit.

Plenty of room to add a Heartfelt message for your recipient.

This is the inside of the card – the paper pad has two entire sheets of these little “stamps”, and the stamp was found at a local craft store several years ago.

Thanks for stopping by….it’s almost the weekend, so I’ve gotta get back to the craft desk!

Hidden Pocket Cards

These cards were sort of copied from cards I saw on the Heartfelt Creations Facebook page.

This first one is using their Wild Roses paper, which I think may be my all time favorite of their papers! Also, it is extremely difficult to mess up on making the Wild Rose.

The second card is using their Calla Lily paper…….I just love the swans! I’m not so enamored of Calla Lilies, but the artwork is just beautiful.

Each of these has a hidden little pocket for a gift card, the best part!

I hope you enjoy, and feel inspired to duplicate this on your own!

Fold Out Cards

This was the first time I had used one of those precut fold out cards that has the curvy edges. They are very cute, but a little bit of work, as you have to cover both sides of each little “page”. All in all, if you do it right, you could simply use two 12 x 12” pieces of decorative paper for your base papers, but I wanted to make things difficult for myself!

Triple fold out Card

This is a Hodgepodge of 3-4 different collections. For starters, I always use Heartfelt Creations dies for my flowers & lace, that’s basically all I have! But some of this paper is from Stamperia “Microcosms”, some from G45 “Flutter”, and there may even be some scraps from a Mintay collection. Mad at myself, because of flower placement (once it’s Hot-Glued down, there it stays, lol!) I couldn’t flip the front piece to prop it like a pedestal, hurumph! Live and learn I guess, I thought I had it all planned out so perfectly! Hahaha! No. I guess not. 😕

The flowers were not just hand shaped, but I water colored them as well, using my Zig Clear Color Brush Markers, and then I added some Glossy Accent to make them pop. The white blossom are actually from a Heartfelt Creations paper pack, I think called “Wild Cherry Blossom”.
I LOVE this clock face!! And you can still see the gossamer ribbon here.
This white lace overlay is from Heartfelt creations, so this bottom page has three collections right there, as the tag is from G45, and the paper is from Stamperia!
You could put a gift card under the white trim. The trim was cut with a Martha Stewart edge punch, you might be able to find that at Michaels.
I love how I am able to use bits and pieces from different paper collections and companies to create a thing of beauty!

Mini-Album featuring Heartfelt Creations Wild Rose paper

The minute I saw this paper I was in love! Wild Roses – so easy to make, and so stunning! The dusty pink looks fabulous with a black background!

Click here for a walkthrough and to see all the pages in this beautiful album: www.youtube.com/watch

Additionally you can get nearly all your supplies here: https://www.heartfeltcreations.us/

I truly intended to make a tutorial for this album, but alas! a videographer I am NOT, and frankly, I think people must make an album first, and then make a second one to film, as all the planning and preparation that goes into each page, would make for a very (very!) long tutorial!

Z-Fold with Wild Roses + Tutorial

This little lovely is a simple z-fold card (I’ll give directions below!). It always helps to have some flowers pre-made, but generally that’s not what I do! I like to choose how many flowers and the color of my flowers as I go. My stash consists of the leftovers, from accidentally miscounting, or practicing with new dies or paper thicknesses/brands.

The inside has a little pocket with a tag. I didn’t put in any sentiments yet, because I’m not sure for whom this card is intended, nor what the occasion will be. (Probably not a sympathy card though.) However, I will have a cute little sentiment stamped in the center of the back panel, and a cut piece from the paper pack to put on back of the little tag.

The elements for this card include the Heartfelt Creations Wild Roses paper, the small wild roses stamp and die, and the little lace piece from the album tags and accents die set.

So, start off by cutting yourself a piece of white cardstock, measuring 12” x 6”. Fold in half to give yourself a 6” square, With the fold on the left side, fold the right edge of the top in half towards the fold (3” x 6”). Now select your papers. You can select one of their 6” x 6” scenes like I did, but then you will need to trim it down so that it measures about 5-7/8” square. This goes on the back inside. You will need two pieces measuring 2-7/8” x 5-7/8” for the front and inside fold. Then select your center panel from the designer paper measuring 4” x 6”, and mount it on white cardstock, so that it has a bit of a white border. Center it on the front, making sure to only glue it to that front 3” x 6” folded piece. For the pocket, take some white cardstock measuring about 2-7/8” wide by 2” tall or more, and use the lace edge die from the album tags and accents set of dies. Cut your tag from the paper, and trim it down as needed – mount this also on white cardstock, punch the hole on top of the tag and slip in a ribbon if desired. The medium wild rose and three smaller ones with about 6 leaves complete your look.

Have fun, and show me what you’ve done in the comments!!